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GAMA adds Purple Stuff sodas to stores

DBR Staff Writer Published 04 June 2014

Funktional Beverages, Inc. has added the Greater Austin Cooperative Merchants Association (GAMA) to its list of retailers that carry the Relaxation Brand of sodas infamously known as 'Superliminal Purple Stuff' by Millennials.

GAMA along with a group of twelve trade associations, serve convenience store and gasoline station owners under the umbrella of the National Alliance of Trade Associations (NATA) by equipping the business owners with bulk purchasing power, industry know-how, and the right connections to strengthen their business models and practices.

Despite the current recession, GAMA has been blessed with extraordinary growth over the years.

Collectively, the GAMA members dominate over 35% of the convenience store market share in the Austin area.

Purple Stuff sodas are the CSD brand that started the Relaxation trend in 2007 and gained notoriety with beverage buyers at NACS 2008 in Chicago, Illinois.

The soda that has every flavor pour Purple; was itself inspired by the success of the 1984 Sunny D commercials, where the mother opens the fridge door as neighborhood kids are peering in and mom says... "We have Milk, OJ, some Purple Stuff and Sunny D". The kids in the commercial respond by screaming Sunny D!

Thanks to the new generation of kids watching Retro commercials; the Imaginary Purple drink became more and more popular as a social novelty joke. Comedian Dave Chappelle used it in his skits, Family Guy and the Simpson's have used it on their television shows and many more viral places pop up weekly.

MYPURPLESTUFF on Facebook has hundreds of thousands of daily active members. A store locator by zip code is a popular page with visitors.

Every day the Purple Stuff drink exceeds the imagination of what people think that drink in the fridge could be. The Purple Stuff's unique & best in class soda taste, combined with its all purple color and nutritional wonderland; has formed a new American Legend in sodas. This soda was crafted for and by the youth of this world.

Purple Stuff has over 1 million unique visitors to its sites from around the planet; a mind share and desire to taste that far exceeds its distribution footprint.

The window of opportunity is not shutting down on this drink, despite not being able to reach the masses yet. Ironically; the lack of saturation in the market has been a boom for distributor and store margins, while making it an even more viral hit amongst peers around the planet.

Vey few brands can move foot traffic; but Purple Stuff does it every day. This is more than a soda to Millennials; this is an Epic journey and love affair. Our consumers will shop at another store competitor simply because they carry this brand of soda. Price point is not on the top ten lists of concerns. The biggest concerns are keeping it in stock and the variety of flavors carried.

The GAMA stores combined with the TimeWise and other stores that retail Purple Stuff will complete the Austin, Texas convenience store channel demand; and allow targeted radio ads to begin next quarter in the region.

The Austin grocery store channel is already handled perfectly with H-E-B Grocery stores, Costco Wholesalers and Kroger stores. Austinites are thrilled that the Purple Stuff brand's reach has become more convenient to their daily desires of this intellectual temperance soda.

Source: Company Press Release